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Скачать 3DCreative - November 07 Issues бесплатно

3DCreative Nov 2007 Issue 027
PDF | 167 Pages | English | 156 MB | RS.COM

Welcome to 3DCreative Issue 27. This month we feature the penultimate instalment of the ‘3D Environment Lighting’ tutorial series, so be sure to flip to the back of the magazine to check out how to light an interior scene by candlelight! If you’ve missed any of the previous parts of this series, don’t fret - you can pick up all the back issues of 3DCreative Magazine here: http://www.3dcreativemag.com/issues.htm. Tutorial-wise, we also have a couple of other treats for you this month, of course; Wayne Robson has written a great little tutorial on his ‘speed sculpting’ techniques in ZBrush, which is a definite must-read, and the talented Gavin Goulden has also created a special tutorial for us on how to create a next gen character (part two will follow next month)! Both are great reads - check out the page numbers for this month’s content on the right! We’ve also put together a great variety of interviews for you this month, featuring the extremely talented James Busby from Ark VFX, as well as two rather different studio interviews; we talk to the co-founder and director of the up-coming animation studio, SOFA Studio, and we also catch up with Darrell Ratliff from the architectural visualisation company, Pacificom Mulitmedia. So be sure to check them all out whilst you’re taking a breather from all that hard-core 3d-ing this month!
Enjoy this month’s issue! Ed.


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