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Скачать 2D Artist Issue 010 | October 2006 бесплатно

2D Artist Issue 010
PDF | English | 97 MB
October 2006

To Issue 10! Still going strong...We are actively searching out new and experienced 2D artists to contribute towards the magazine! If you think you could contribute gallery images, tutorials or just answer a few questions then please get in touch with us! Contact details are on the About Page at the end of the magazine. Also, feel free to let us know what you think of the magazine and give us any helpful feedback or suggestions towards future content. We do listen to what you have to say and we also reply to every email we get so don’t delay...do it today!

Artist Interviews
Lined up 3 Artists this month. Cover artist Ryohei Hase from Japan, who has some really different Character designs from influences such as his dreams and his dog! We talked to self taught digital artist Mikko Kinnunen about his great style of painting. German Film School graduate Stephan Stolting makes it 3. Stephan has both 3D and 2D skills but feels you can only be truly creative when painting.

Kind of Top-Heavy on the tutorials this month. We have digital painting tutorials for Landscapes and Ice by Adonihs, Clouds by Marek Hlavaty & Elements ‘Flesh Wounds’ by Richard Tilbury and Benita Winckler.

Making of’s
Baby Sitter by Roy Stein, Jealous Bodyguard by Andrew Berends and Set out for Lover by T.G.Jay, gives us 3 different insights into the digital artist creative processes.


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