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Скачать Advanced Photoshop Magazine Issue32 бесплатно

Advanced Photoshop Magazine Issue32

Advanced Photoshop Magazine Issue 32
Magazine | PDF | 100 pages | 241 Mb | RS.com | English

Issue 32

The latest and greatest techniques;
- Working with the new Vanishing Point
- Create and preview multimedia for your phone with Device Central
- New blending options with Photomerge

Creative Tutorials
Challenging & inspiring Masterclasses inc;
- Create an antique sea chart using Bitmaps
- Comp your own watery landscape with John Uibel
- Spruce up your skateboard with our deck design Workshop

Also featured;
- Organise shots with Adobe Lightroom 1.0
- Wow potential clients with a winning portfolio
- Interview with Pete Harrison

RapidShare : part1 | part2 | part3 | part4 | part5


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