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Скачать 2D Artist August 2007 бесплатно

2D Artist Magazine August 2007
High Res PDF @ 121 MB | Lite version PDF @ 17 MB

Welcome to 2DArtist Magazine
A Downloadable PDF Magazine Concept Art, Digital & Matte Painting creatives around the globe. 2DArtist Magazine will focus on techniques, tutorials, interviews, articles, project overviews and galleries. We will have news and reviews too but we find that these topics are best covered by the online news and CG sites that thrive on daily updates. Our magazine will focus on becoming more of a timeless resource for artists to turn to again and again whether you view it from your screen or choose to print it off.

Welcome once again to 2DArtist magazine. Some really great stuff this month to tide you along until we get back from Siggraph in San Diego. If any of you are coming along then please feel free to come see us at the 3DTotal Booth. This month, Udon Entertainment, another fantastic collection of artists from around the world have kindly taken the time to answer som of our questions and also provide some amazing artwork, including this months cover image from the Street Fighter Series. Those of you who were furiously tapping SNES control pads back in ‘91 might recognise ‘Vega’ with his wolverine like claws.

Plus all the usual Speed Painting (this month is a little spooky), custom brushes, Painting Tutorials, Interviews and articles we have managed to provide you with a 130+ page addition of one of the best 2D magazines out there!

Just a quick hint: Some of the layouts include double page spreads which we realise some of you may not be viewing in full. If this is the case then go to the ‘view’ menu in acrobat and change ‘Page Display’ to ‘Two up continuous’. This will allow you to view the magazine in a landscape format showing both pages as if in a real printed mag. This way, you’ll see 2DArtist and the amazing artwork in full glory! Thanks again for purchasing the mag and supporting what we do. Enjoy. Ed.
Thanks to NiceTongue!


Part 1
Part 2


Lite version



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