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Скачать Corel Painter Official Magazine Issue 01 (PDF+CD) бесплатно

Corel Painter Official Magazine Issue 01
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Corel Painter Official Magazine Issue 01
Imagine Publishing Ltd | ISSN: 17533155 | 2007 Year
Scanned PDF (91 Pages, 29 Mb) | CD (Bin+Cue, 558 Mb)
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We had a very clear goal in mind when planning this magazine, and that was to produce something that gave Corel Painter users a regular jolt of inspirational tutorials and practical advice. To achieve this, we came up with a few fiendish plans. The core of the magazine is the tutorials. These will show how to manipulate the tools and commands in Corel Painter and create beautiful pieces of art. There are no boundaries in terms of style here – we’ll cover everything from watercolours and oils through to charcoal and ink. In addition to the creative tutorials, we will also have in-depth guides to the program’s tools and functions, so you can improve your understanding of the software.

Corel Painter Official Magazine Issue 01
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To supplement the program-specific guidance, readers can enjoy regular features on traditional art theory and techniques. Let’s face it – if you’re interested in Corel Painter, you no doubt have a love of art in general, so we thought it was important to look at the techniques and practices that artists use. The regular Drawing 101 section will explain artistic concepts in depth, and cover subjects such as perspective, composition and shading, in addition to showing how to draw freehand. You can also benefit from Corel Painter artists explaining the creative process behind one of their images_about and then try and create it yourself. And we can’t forget the Paint Like… tutorials, which show you how to re-create a famous painting and discover more about that artists’ style.
Whatever skill level you happen to be, the Official Corel Painter Magazine will have something to fuel your imagination and help you create a digital masterpiece.
Do let us know what you think of the magazine and happy painting!

Corel Painter Official Magazine Issue 01 CD
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Issue 01:
• Get to know Corel Painter X
All the exciting new features explained

• Paint like: Vincent Van Gogh
Create your own Van Gogh masterpiece!

• Paint perfect skin
Make your portraits glow with this tutorial

• Drawing 101: Perspective
Apply perspective rules to your artwork

Corel Painter Official Magazine Issue 01 CD
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