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Скачать Advanced Photoshop Magazine 2006 Issue 25 бесплатно

Advanced Photoshop Magazine 2006 Issue 25 (Fantasy Photoshop) - PDF + Content CD
Magazine | PDF | 86 pages | 250 Mb + 569 Mb Resources from cd

Advanced Photoshop is the perfect magazine for honing already great Photoshop skills.

Each issue is packed full of inspiring interviews and challenging tutorials, tailor-made for the more advanced digital artist. Readers also benefit from an essential CD-ROM each issue. Whether you're a
Photoshop professional or simply aspiring to be one. Advanced Photoshop will help you perfect your art.

1. Magazine in PDF Format
2. Content CD
PDF Magazine Content for Issue 25:

6 pages masterclass tutorial (fantasy photoshop: composite & blend to create a scene)
Making brushes
How to: backup your precious art, work with snap to layers; add texture to your images, perfect elaborate collage work
35 pages of professional tips & essential step-by-step tutorials

What's inside the content cd for issue 25:

Project files for issue 25
Photoshop resources (gradients, patterns, swatches, etc)
Stock images

RS links:

in RAR =>7x98.0+68.5=754,5 mb

to Advanced Photoshop Magazine 2006 Issue 24
to Advanced Photoshop Magazine 2007 Issue 26


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