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Скачать Humus Design Magazine [Graphic, Motion design,Photography,Drawings,Illustrations,Poems] бесплатно

HUMUS Magazine (All issues)
ORANGEFLOW Magazine | 8 Issues | SWF | 25.8 Mb
Graphic, Motion design,Photography,Drawings,Illustrations,Poems

Humus is a tasty little territory where images, creativity, thoughts and expressions have no border. Bursting from the seams of this tiny visual magazine you can find all manner of illustration, photography and collage work. Mostly abstract, the work is visually intriguing and also esoteric. It's a nice launching pad to discover international artists from all 4 corners of the Moleskin, err... Globe.

HUMUS ALL issues
size : 25.8Mb
Password if required : www.AvaxHome.ru

Each issue as a separate file below FOR PC
vol0 | vol1 | vol2 | vol3 | vol4 | vol5 | vol6 | vol7

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