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Скачать Animation Magazine, April/May 2009 бесплатно

Animation Magazine, April/May 2009
PDF | English | 80 pages | 10.9 MB

Revenge of the Sci-Fi Victims
DreamWorks' Monsters vs. Aliens puts vaguely familiar movie monsters into a ginormous stereoscopic package.

When Earthlings Attack!
After winning the Best Feature Prize at Ottawa, Aristomenis Tsirbas' indie labor of love, Battle for Terra, is ready for its 3-D blitz.

Sit Down, Shut Up, Be Entertained!
Mitch Hurwitz and Josh Weinstein discuss FOX's new primtime toon about dysfunctional teachers.

Real Dilemmas in a Surreal World
John DesJardin talks about how he handled the challenging task of recreating Alan Moore's Watchmen.


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