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Скачать What Digital Camera - January 2010 бесплатно

What Digital Camera - January 2010
PDF | 133 pages | 58.5 Mb | English

What Digital Camera - the UK's best digital photography magazine provides the most in-depth digital equipment reviews and is the magazine you can trust to help you decide which digital products to buy from cameras to scanners, printers to software. Plus software technique tutorials offer easy to follow creative and practical guidance.

Find out what WDC's best cameras of the year are, and we review the Sony A550, A500, Pentax Kx, and Canon S90!


Our pick of the most advanced, most innovative and best-performing cameras and accessories of 2009!

Cameras of the decade
The defining moments in camera technology


Rule of thirds
How to use empty space, gridlines and impact points to maximise your compositions

Raw vs JPEG
How to decide which format to shoot in, and how to make the most of your cameras settings for each

GUIDE TO: Cropping
Creative cropping can make all the difference to an image. We show you how it is done

Evening Class
Photoshop guru Martin Evening assesses your images

Win a great HP premium All-in-one printer!


Sony A550 and A500
The A550 features the best live view in its class, but does the A500 measure up to its big brother?

Pentax K-x
Has Pentax maintained its reputation for stylish, fully-featured entry-level DSLRs with the K-x?

Canon S90
One of the smallest compacts on the market to offer Raw recording, but is it any match for the G11?

Casio Z33
At ?90 it's certainly cheap, but is it cheerful too?

Olympus 5020
This 12MP compact didn't endear itself. Find out why

Panasonic FS25
Is this another great little compact from Panasonic?

Casio Z280
Compact featuring one-touch HD video mode

Canon SX120
Family-friendly 10MP compact with 10x zoom

Fuji F70
Discover why this was a big hit with our test team

Geared up!
Hahnel Triad 30 Lite tripod, Eye-Fi Pro SDHC Card, Fujifilm Finepix Real 3D Digital
Viewer VI, Jobu JR.2 Gimbal Head, Microsoft Windows 7, Joby Gorillatorch

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