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Скачать Surface - Issue 79 (2009) бесплатно

Surface - Issue 79 (2009)
PDF | 117 pages | 35.2 Mb | English

Surface is dedicated to covering all that is compelling in the worlds of design, fashion and architecture. Readers turn to Surface for creative inspiration, coverage of the burgeoning design world, and profiles of the emerging talents and provocative projects reshaping the visual landscape.

Pop open the Champagne. Break out the tux. And hoist a piata

It’s that time in the fall when we revel in the best America has to offer, from fashion and architecture to furniture and beauty. Because in the circles we travel in patriotism isn’t an easy argument to win. The spheres of style and design have competition abroad that never lets up. But just like the US and its homegrown talents, we know our greatest strength is reinvention and an optimism that underlies even the most anxious times.

The crux of the Avant Guardian concept has always been the nationwide, open-call photography competition. Over the summer, we sifted through hundreds of online submissions to then commission, produce and publish a select 10. But this year, we peppered the entire book with the results. Five fashion shoots make up the Portfolio (pages 77 to 109), while architectural images and still-lifes open our Modem, Facade and Area departments and close the book in Suffix. And nestled on pages 38 to 41 is a beauty story that’s indicative of the imagination and resourcefulness at the heart of this issue and, frankly, of the art and editorial team that crafted it.

Additionally, we transformed the rest of the magazine with a single idea—the Avant Guardian Yearbook. We combed the country for the US-based creatives —from New York to LA, Milwaukee to Miami—impacting our personal style, built environment and design industries. Some faces are new, while others are elevating their game to the next level. Either way, these are the locals to know.

And finally, our 2009 Thesis Guide is a story beloved by the staff and in some ways defines Surface most pointedly—uncovering graduate projects by students attending the best American institutions for fashion, design and architecture. There was so much inspiring work, we’re publishing some in the issue and the entire guide online, another first for Surface.

By my count, the following pages are packed with more than 125 total US firms, fashion labels, photographers, judges, scholars and assorted endeavors. Each one is a reason to celebrate.

—Amy Prince, Executive Editor

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