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Скачать Surface - Issue 80 (2009) бесплатно

Surface - Issue 80 (2009)
PDF | 101 pages | 28.5 Mb | English

Surface is dedicated to covering all that is compelling in the worlds of design, fashion and architecture. Readers turn to Surface for creative inspiration, coverage of the burgeoning design world, and profiles of the emerging talents and provocative projects reshaping the visual landscape.


For our annual Travel Issue, we map out where to go, how to get there and what to take along. Window or aisle?

The time has come to say good-bye. Au revoir. Ciao.

After a year of hunkering down, it's best we all got out of hibernation and explored. As we and many of the talents in our annual Travel Issue can attest, hopping on a high-speed locomotive ("Trains of Thought," page 39) or a custom yacht ("In High Gear," page 62) and immersing yourself in a new environment—its aesthetic and the creative people who craft it—is the quickest way to reboot.

A trek to the California desert manifested itself in Rodarte's spring line ("Valley Girls," page 36). Since then, the fashion duo camped out in New Orleans, and we can't wait to see how the city's "laissez les bon temps rouler!" credo evolves into LA-made couture.

Similarly, Antwerp was the backdrop to an all-Dior Homme fantasy ("Three-Act Play," page 74). The brand's head-of-household Kris Van Assche returned to his college stomping grounds to art-direct a shoot on the Belgian waterfront—miles away from the runway and a complement to his languid spring suitings. And our own Art Director Christopher Mozsary booked a last-minute flight to Copenhagen to oversee a three-day, eight-page, 29-person portrait shoot ("Great Danes," page 64) in the eccentric atelier of Henrik Vibskov. He returned to the office refreshed, with a Lanvin weekender full of business cards from the city’s burgeoning art and design scene.

From there, we make stops in Torino, Paris, Beijing and New York via the people who turn those places into destinations—hoteliers, shoe designers, architects, interior gurus, automakers and more. But the staff’s favorite sojourn was, frankly, beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. For our otherworldy still-life ("Honey Moon," page 51), we envisioned a lost weekend on the lunar surface, complete with Frette linens and a Ligne Roset wine carafe.

All aboard, indeed.

—Amy Prince

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