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Скачать 2DArtist Issue 047 November 2009 бесплатно

2DArtist Issue 047 November 2009
English | PDF | 101 pages | RS & HF | 131MB

In this November issue of 2DArtist Magazine we go atmosphere crazy with a fantastic steampunk tutorial by Ioan Dumitrescu, who shows us how to use Google SketchUp to create a 3D base to get some interesting structures established for a 2D illustration (paintover) in Photoshop, and we have Darren Yeow showing us how to make custom brushes for clouds – perfect for adding some extra oomph to our environments and giving rockets a good kick off the Earth! These two tutorials illustrate just how a bit of extra attention to creating atmosphere in your paintings can go a long way to improving the overall quality of your artwork. So follow Ioan and Darren on p.52 and p.40, and see what their techniques can do for you!

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