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Скачать Chandamama Magazine September 2002 бесплатно

Chandamama Magazine September 2002
Eng | RAR/PDF | 28.3MB

Chandamama is an Indian monthly magazine focused on kids and youngsters. It has stories from Medieval India, typically kings and their stories of bravery and wit. It had quite a few characters who appeared on short comic strips. The magazine has become part of popular culture, and is very popular with younger people.

The first edition of Chandamama was released in July, 1947. The founder editor of the magazine was B.Nagi Reddy. Chakrapani, a friend
of Nagi Reddy, was the force behind magazine, and his vision, perception and understanding of the target readership brought name and fame to the magazine. The stories of King Vikramditya and Vetala (Vampire), an adoptation of an ancient Sanskrit work Vetala Panchvimshati, brought wide repute to this magazine, and were also featured in popular TV serials.

Published continuously from 1947, the magazine ceased publication in 1998, owing to labour disputes. However, the magazine relaunched a year later and continues to be published to this day. It is available in 12 Indian languages and English.


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