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Скачать Oops! - No.9 (September 2009) бесплатно

Oops! - No.9 (September 2009)
Russian | PDF | 58 Pages | 43.00 Mb

Oops! - A monthly magazine for stylish young women, for those who are just discovering the world of glossy women's magazines. Oops! - A new fashion trend for young beautiful women, experts advise on cosmetics and caring for each other, as well as special reports on the most important problems, which can only worry about the girls on the threshold of adulthood.

How to make school comfortable? September issue Oops! help to cope with the training acclimatization. 5 readers will win a fashion magazine netbooks from ASUS company Chupa Chups. And the 10 finalists will receive consolation prizes - huge buckets of unique caramel "Magic" with fizzy filling. Chupa Chups enough for the whole class - in a bucket containing 150 caramels.

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