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Скачать Playboy Lingerie Aug-Sept 2007 бесплатно

Playboy Lingerie Aug-Sept 2007

«Playboy Lingerie Aug-Sept 2007»
High Quality PDF | English | 78 Pages | 20,0 Mb

Breann McGregor is having one heck of a summer! First she was named the Playboy Cyber Girl of the Year followed by her appointment as our 2007 Playboy Special Editions Model of the Year! Clearly this busty blonde bombshell has made quite an impression with fans over the past few years and has been rewarded for her hard work and welcomed into the ranks of Playboy supermodels. Always humble, Breann happily shares her MOY spotlight with 20 other stunning ladies, several of which will be contenders for Playboy SE's MOY '08. Be sure to check out all of our Top 50 SE models and cast your vote for your five favorites.

Inside this issue:
  • Breann McGregor
  • April Ireland
  • Amy Guy
  • Michelina Suppa
  • Lana Kinnear
  • Jocelyn Binder
  • Bianca Deacy
  • Gwen Barker
  • Triana Iglesias
  • Kristy Morgan Louise Glover
  • Pamela Mars
  • Anna Lynn
  • Gemma Massey
  • Ashley Elizabeth
  • Crystal Whyte
  • Lindsey Blaine
  • Brooke Barnes
  • Shelly Marie
  • Melody Pressley
  • Jenni Gentry

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