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Скачать Luciana Salazar (Hombre 01 2006 / Argentina) бесплатно

Luciana Salazar (Hombre 01 2006 / Argentina)
PDF | Spanish | 6 pages | 8,4 MB
Luciana Salazar Ortega (born November 7, 1980, in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a glamour model and actress. Salazar began as a model where at the 4 years old recorded her first television commercial, and at 15 years old was respected one of the young promises of the modeling. Then charged to fame with her appearance as an actress in the comedy show "Pon a Francella". Though the political fact that she was a niece of Argentinian singer and then governor, Palito Ortega helped her into the acting world, it was by her own conditions that she began a successful career. Given her exhuberant figure, she began to star in different street theatre works, such as "Pijamas" becoming one of the leading media figures in Argentina.



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