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Скачать Shannon Gilbert, Playboy's Lingerie Magazine - April-May - 2007 бесплатно

Shannon Gilbert. Playboy's Lingerie Magazine - April-May - 2007
PDF | 98 Pages | April - May | 2007 | 19 Mb

Starring Sultry Cover Girl Shannon Gilbert, Sweeet, fun and happy, this California real estate agent dosen't need fame or a Jet-Set lifestyle to love life- what brings her the most joy is meeting friends and family for dinner or drinks. Posing for Playboy was an expression of personal fulfillment--"they do such a beautiful job with woman"--not of ambition. Vital stats:5'6", 118 lbs., 34-24-34. Mizuno, 1, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Also on this Special Edition: Amanda Quaguata, USA Lacey, Iris-Jinger Santos, Brooke Windatt. Evita Sanchez, Erika Jordan, Clare Elizabeth, Sabrina Rose, Carole Hint, Sharon Petock, Natalie Knight, Athena Lundberg, Renata Cristina, Kristin Marie, Jenny Tuck, Emily Dean. Crystal Enloe, Amanda Batt, Emily Damiano, Taryn Terrell, Amy Landrock, Marty Spence and Playboy's Casting Calls from Cleveland!


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