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Скачать Royal Magazine - Issue 01 бесплатно

Royal Magazine
Issue 01 | April May 2007 | PDF | English | 7 MB | RS & ES
Entertainment Magazine for Men - Indian Playboy

Royal Magazine is the premier men's Magazine for India and soon the world. Catered to adult men ages 18-35 who dream of the finer things in life. It showcase the latest in fashion, gadgets, celebrity interviews, model profiles, cars, and much more.

In this issue :
Royal Premeire Issue
Sex Bombshell Minnie Gupta
Interview with Indira Varma
A Revealing Pictorial with Stacy Samlal
Incredible India
Vibrant Gujarat
Sexy Models
Hollywood Bollywood actors
Sex positions
Online gambling
Online poker
India Goa
Goa vacation
Adventure outdoors

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