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Скачать Royal Magazine - Issue 04 бесплатно

Royal Magazine
Issue 04 | Aug Sept 2007 | PDF | English | 8 MB | RS & ES
Entertainment Magazine for Men - Indian Playboy

Royal Magazine is the premier men's Magazine for India and soon the world. Catered to adult men ages 18-35 who dream of the finer things in life. It showcase the latest in fashion, gadgets, celebrity interviews, model profiles, cars, and much more.

In this issue :
Royal Magazine is India's Leading Men's Magazine
Live Like a King
Ronak Vyas
A Candid Interview with Super Sexy Sunny Leone
The New Frontier - Space Travel
Gaming Galore
Seductive Goan Nights
20+ Pages of Cars, Fashion, and Gadgets
UK Hottie Jade Stoner
India's Vanishing Daughters
Audi R8
Atlantis Resort & Casino
Interview with Nadyia Jawahir
Sex and Religion
Q & A with Dr. Pyar
Hugo Boss
Eating Healthy
How to Ace an Interview
How to throw a party
8 Signs She's Interested in you
Luxury Helicopters
Suzuki Hayabusa 1300
Erotic Fiction
5 Ways to Healthier Skin
Royal Caribbean Cruises

No Mirrors Please !


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