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Скачать Royal Magazine - Issue 10 бесплатно

Royal Magazine
Issue 10 | Aug Sep 2008 | PDF | English | 17 MB | RS & ES
Entertainment Magazine for Men - Indian Playboy

Royal Magazine is the premier men's Magazine for India and soon the world. Catered to adult men ages 18-35 who dream of the finer things in life. It showcase the latest in fashion, gadgets, celebrity interviews, model profiles, cars, and much more.

In this issue :

Interview with Snehal Mantri
20+ Pages of Supermodels
A Visit to Sin City
Ganga - The Lifeline of India in Danger
World Inflation - Have we lost control
Ravishing Angela Taylor
Plus Gaming, Grooming, and Gadgets
Sexy Models
Bollywood pictures
Stylish Clothing Brand Names
Indian Cricket
Adult Jokes
Adult Cartoons
Latest Fashion
Movie Bollywood and Hollywood
Honor Killings

92 Pages

No Mirrors Please !


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