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Скачать The Dream of Cecilia бесплатно

Erich Von Gotha, "The Dream of Cecilia"
Last Gasp | 1997 | ISBN: 0867194413 | 47 pages | PDF | 20,8 MB

Reader's review:
Summary: Gotha makes an interesting storytelling choice with Dream of Cecilia
I've been quite a fan of Erich von Gotha's work since I first came across The Trouble with Janice. Gotha's sepia-toned and neo-victorian style of artwork gives his heavily sexualized stories a nice look. Gotha's stories and artwork primarily deals with the sexual fetish of bondage and domination. At times he'll delve into the more esoteric realm of sadomasochism, but it's in B&D and sexual slavery that he's mostly known for.

With The Dream of Cecilia, Gotha takes an interesting and bold choice in the telling of his story. The entire book is told from two point of views. One viewpoint is from the eyes of a mademoiselle of pre-Victorian era. The other being a modern woman of the 20th-century. Both dream of each other. Their interconnecting dreams are usually of sexual situations forced upon each other by the men and women who seek to dominate them. The interesting part of the storytelling are not through their point of views, but through Gotha's choice to not use any dialogue except right at the very end. He's taken the bold action to let his beautiful artwork and the composition of each page's panels to tell the story. Even without dialogue the reader can easily understand the situations and story being told. Gotha's choice even puts the question of which woman is real and which is a dream. Even the ending of the story doesn't answer this question but let's it stay unanswered and for the reader to make up their own mind.

The Dream of Cecilia is a beautifully drawn and composed erotic graphic novel full of highly sexually-charged situations and moments. Erich von Gotha's daring and bold choice to use not a whit of dialogue until the very end to tell this story makes for a very interesting "read". This book is definitely not for everyone, but for those who have an open mind and a mature handle of artwork of a highly sexual nature then I would recommend this book without reservations.

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