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Скачать Sex Attack (Erotic Comix) бесплатно

Sex Attack (Erotic Comix)
Eng | RS & Hotfile | CBR | Last Gasp | Dec 2002 | 53 Pages | 37.9 MB

Sex Attack is an adult-themed erotic graphic novel with story and art by the team of Fildor and Vitus, first published in the French magazine Bede Adult, and translated by Zoltan Mitic and published in the U.S. by Last Gasp (the company that fueled the underground comix movement in the 1970's). This edition was scanned by Lord o' Leg. It is a sexy satire of low-grade, low-budget science-fiction-horror movies, the kind of movies you'd describe, "So bad they're bad." In short, Sex Attack is good.

What Ed Wood and Russ Meyer were to low-budget filmmaking, Fildor and Vitus are to the erotic, spaced-out graphic novel. Sex Attack mines some of the same territory as Wood but adds an erotic sheen, depicting a memorable gallery of raunchy creatures indulging in all manner of cheesy behavior. Meet Eddy, the nerd who wears his girlfriend Jasylou’s undies. They live in Hyperville, neighbors to a retired movie star with equally strange tastes. When a group of Martians arrives, determined to turn Hyperville into a writhing mass of fornicating bodies, it’s up to Jasylou and company to save the day, flee in terror, or join the horny aliens, orgy-minded religious fanatics, dumbfounded soldiers, and appalled bystanders in the comic chaos. This sexy and satirical graphic novel skewers every cliche of Z movies. -- product description, Amazon.com

See, there's this guy who lives at his parents and he wears his girlfriend's clothes and stuff. and he has a secret laboratory in his basement. and suddenly aliens attack the Earth by turning on Earthlings' libidos. and the movie star shows up and they start getting it on until the aliens show up and they start getting it on with the Earthlings. -- solicitation, lastgasp.com



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