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Скачать Playboy's Book Of Lingerie - November December 1997 ** ReScan ** бесплатно

Playboy's Book Of Lingerie - November December 1997 ** ReScan **
PDF | 98 pages | English | 33.14 Mb

Why a ReScan ?!
Coz the other version was Incomplete ^^
Now : 98 pages & not 78(not a slideshow of girls but a real Mag now), better Quality(33 Mb & not 12 MB).
This ReScan has not been done by me.


Playboy Special Editions' most popular series is Lingerie (formerly known as Book of Lingerie), which is published on a bimonthly basis. The first issue was released as Book of Lingerie in 1984. It became bimonthly as from November 1988 and had its name changed to Lingerie as from September 2002.

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No Mirror(s) Please !!!

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