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Скачать Helga and Barroso Erotic Comix Collection бесплатно

Helga and Barroso Erotic Comix Collection
Eng | RS & Hotfile | 8 CBZ | Eros Comix | 54.8 MB Total

Eight erotic comix from the team of Helga and Barroso (Helga as writer and Barroso as artist). They have been responsible for many titles of Eros Comix, the adult-oriented imprint of Fantagraphics Books, established in 1990 to publish just that. Most notable of their collaboration is Eros Comix's Lambada Series, of which Venus with a Hot Crotch #1, Venus with a Hot Crotch #2 and Orgasm Island, all included here, form Books 1-3, respectively. Another, ButtFuque U, headlines The Lambada Collection Volume 1. The rest of the titles are: Cowgirl Blues, Gaby and the Goat, Lust Stories and Pleasure Cave. Barroso draws with a minimalist style, eschewing shadings and shadows to create flat two-dimensional panels; yet with Helga's oftentimes abrupt storylines it seems to work. But what am I saying all these for..? I don't know who Helga and Barroso are, and these are erotic comic books, period.


ButtFuque U
Cowgirl Blues
Gaby and the Goat
Lust Stories
Orgasm Island
Pleasure Cave
Venus with a Hot Crotch #1
Venus with a Hot Crotch #2


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