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Скачать Playboy's Hottest Nudes 2009 Calendar (Fixed) бесплатно

Playboy's Hottest Nudes 2009 Calendar (Fixed)
Eng | RS & Hotfile | CBZ | Playboy SE | 15 Pages | 25.1 MB

Playboy's Hottest Nudes 2009 Calendar as it should be presented: in full high-resolution, with no split half-images, and in the very accessible and convenient CBZ format (compared to the cumbersome PDF). Use the full-featured freeware CDisplay to view or simply extract the individual images using any capable archiver software. CDisplay's Lanczos and other advanced image filters very clearly show just how antiquated the PDF is for image-filled and graphics-heavy ebooks like magazines and comics.

Not only does Playboy's Hottest Nudes 2009 calendar gove you 12 months of sexy but as an added BONUS you get to wrap up 2008 with five incredibly gorgeous Playboy hotties. You get 16 months and 18 beautiful girls--the new year never looked so good! -- description, playboy.com


Sep 2008 - Stephanie Martin
Oct 2008 - Jessica Erin Sylvia and Anna Lynn
Nov 2008 - Genevieve Michelle
Dec 2008 - Beth Fithen

Jan 2009 - Anissa Holmes (Cover Girl)
Feb 2009 - Tailor James
Mar 2009 - Bianca Deacy
Apr 2009 - Tindra Mantel
May 2009 - September Carrino
Jun 2009 - Trina Marie
Jul 2009 - Jillian Beyor
Aug 2009 - Sara Stokes
Sep 2009 - Sarah Porchetta
Oct 2009 - Brandie Moses & Breann McGregor
Nov 2009 - Lana Tailor
Dec 2009 - Bryleigh Rayne



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