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Скачать Alazar's Book of Bondage, Vol.2 бесплатно

Alazar, "Alazar's Book of Bondage, Vol.2"
SQP Inc | 2004 | ISBN: 0865620687 | 64 pages | jpg | 20,3 MB

For those who enjoy the rigors of a good workout, there's nothing like some intricate rope tricks to get the kinks out! Or at least that's one way of describing the fetish-filled-fun of bondage illustrator Alazar's second tome of too-many knots! In the tradition of Eric Stanton and John Willie, Alazar makes the incredibly uncomfortable look amazingly inviting! Page after page of curvacious cutie, bound helpless and straining against her cruel imprisonment! A long-time fan favorite, Alazar has built a mighty army of B&D devotees, all waiting for their master's latest creation! Well, here it is, and the results are just as exciting and erotic as Alazar's quick-selling first book of bondage!
About the Author
Standing on the shoulders of fetish giants like John Willie and Eric Stanton, Alazar has spent his adult years in the pursuit of very adult material. From an early age, he discovered his ability to illustrate kinky situations, and quickly became the most popular kid in class! He's built a reputation on outlandish ingeniuty and outstanding draftsmanship, and has assembled a legion of fans who look forward to his every new drawing. Buxom babes in bondage - hey, it's a rough gig, but somebody's got to do it, and Alazar's the new fetish master!

Alazar's Book of Bondage, Vol.1


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