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Скачать Alazar's Book of Bondage, Vol.1 бесплатно

Author, "Alazar's Book of Bondage, Vol.1"
SQP Inc | 2003 | ISBN: 0865620687 | 64 pages | jpg | 55,8 MB

If you're going to learn the ropes, you go to the expert! Alazar, a true "no-escape" artist, has been delighting fans of his fetish-filled illustrations in many a collected work. Now for the first time, he's assembled an ALL-NEW collection of fiendishly intricate portraits of damsels in distress into one "bound" volume, to the delight of his world-wide audience! With one of the most popular websites on the subject, and a library of previously printed works, Alazar has reached quite a devoted following for his bondage and discipline drawings. His fascination with impossibly-proportioned females in equally impossible states of discomfort is shared by many, and this premiere "Book of Bondage" is the first in a new series of such studies.
About the Author
Standing on the shoulders of fetish giants like John Willie and Eric Stanton, Alazar has spent his adult years in the pursuit of very adult material. From an early age, he discovered his ability to illustrate kinky situations, and quickly became the most popular kid in class! He's built a reputation on outlandish ingeniuty and outstanding draftsmanship, and has assembled a legion of fans who look forward to his every new drawing. Buxom babes in bondage - hey, it's a rough gig, but somebody's got to do it, and Alazar's the new fetish master!


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