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Скачать Weekly Playboy - 7 September 2009(N° 36) *Re-Work & AKB48 Bonus* бесплатно

Weekly Playboy - 7 September 2009(N° 36) *Re-Work & AKB48 Bonus*
Japan | 37 pages + 68 Images | PDF + JPG | 54.93 MB

What New ?!
The PDF are created with JPG in 100% Quality Compression then you can extract the pictures if you want.
The AKB48 Bonus is the Official 2009 Weekly Calendar(55 images) & The Preview 2010 Calendar.


Weekly Playboy (Shukan Pureiboi) also known as Shpure or WPB is a Japanese weekly magazine published by Shueisha since 1966.
This magazine is not a regional edition of the American Playboy magazine. The Japanese edition of Playboy is published as Monthly Playboy (MPB) by Shueisha.

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