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Скачать Slave Clones бесплатно

Fernando, "Slave Clones"
DoFantasy | 2004 | 47 pages | PDF | 3,6 MB

The year is 2045. Mail Order Sex Toy, or M.O.S.T., is a fast-growing company which has developed "pseudo-humans" by advanced biotechnology.
Pseudo-humans are "born" as adults aged eighteen. In all other respects they are as intelligent and emotional as normal human beings.
But these clones are special. They have been given their own personalities, tastes and individual memories, all programmed in their brains.
M.O.S.T. has used its bio-engineering expertise to create a breed of pseudos that have only one purpose - to serve as helpless sex slaves for rent. Their tolerance to pain has been lowered, which means that they suffer more. But their stamina has been increased, so that they rarely break down even when subjected to the most terrible, perverted, sexual abuse...



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