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Скачать Playboy's Magazine - September 2009 (Greece) ** Repack ** бесплатно

Playboy's Magazine - September 2009 (Greece) ** Repack **
PDF | 134 pages | Greek | 83.29 Mb

What Repack means ?!
No PDF Password & Security(Removed), No more adds(10 Cars, Alcohol or anything polluate pages), No Sign & Team mark(Girl pictures are better without ^^). A big Cleanup with all you need to read & watch!!! ;)

here some example of my work on pages with a team mark on the girl picture. It's quite Ugly & stupid to put his mark on the photos, isn't it?! then i've removed all.

I've remove the mark on 17 pages.

Enjoy !!!


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No Mirror(s) Please !!!

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and found other magazines on my Blog


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