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Скачать Ritratti Catalogue 2008 бесплатно

Ritratti Catalogue 2008
English | PDF | 2 MB | RS & ES
Finest Lingerie * Beautiful Models * Must have for every woman

Launched in 1980, the Ritratti label targets the top of the corsetry and swimwear market. The name Ritratti, which means portraits in Italian, conveys the objective of all the products in this line: to portray and enhance each women’s femininity through elegant lines and intense colors. The carefully-selected materials are those of the world’s leading manufacturers, while the taste, imagination and creativity of our stylists who transform high-quality yet anonymous materials into a line of products that enhance the beauty of women all around the world, are exclusively Italian.

Ritratti is designed for a sensual and romantic woman - represented with refined and precious lingerie in gorgeous colors and fine embroidery offering elegant lines that flatter the figure and please the eye.


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