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Скачать UFC Magazine - Premiere Issue (2009) бесплатно

UFC Magazine - Premiere Issue (2009)
PDF | 154 pages | English | 18,4 MB

Premier edition celebrates America's fastest growing sport and biggest event in MMA history. The UFC and American Media, Inc. have teamed up to publish the premier issue of UFC magazine, which is available at newsstands across North America and in some international markets. "The UFC 100 magazine will highlight the 15-year history of the UFC in a way that no other medium could," said UFC President Dana White. "And with unrestricted access, this issue will truly capture this symbolic moment in our sport." The UFC magazine is timed to coincide with UFC 100, a pay-per-view event that is expected to be one of the biggest in UFC history on July 11. In the special issue, fans will get a preview at what's ahead for this event, and it's intended to be a keepsake that will provide a memorable look back at this UFC milestone.



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