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Скачать Shotkolla Magagazine Volume 01 Issue 01 2011 бесплатно

Shotkolla Magagazine Volume 01 Issue 01 2011

Shotkolla Magagazine Volume 01 Issue 01 2011
English | True PDF | 56 Pages | 31.51 MB

The heart and soul of Shotkolla magazine. The first goal was to create a amagazine that fits our wants and intrests. But as we began we seen a demand for a new style of magazine. Yes it is very appealing to the eyes to view a beautifullly restored car as well as lovely model to compliment the vehicle.bit it's even more intriguing to know the details as well as the ambition behind the !-car owner 2-the model. The passion or idea that stemmed within them to choose the color,style,make model of the car. as well as the models goal or desire to pursue modeling. Its intresting to read about someone's life as well as their experiences. We feel it helps the finished product! and also understand the unquiness of their own flavor. so the name developed Shotkolla. Those who have the drive to pursue the goals,dreamscall the shots. In whatever style that may be.


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