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Скачать Penthouse №9 (September 2016) USA бесплатно

Penthouse №9 (September 2016) USA
Penthouse — популярнейший американский мужской эротический журнал. Кроме США выпускается на различных языках по всей планете и считается одним из самых известных в мире брендов. Отличается от Playboy более «жёстким», но, в тоже время, высокопрофессиональным сексуальным содержанием.

Penthouse is one of the premiere adult men’s magazines, presenting provocative and explicit spreads of beautiful women from around the world. This publication is particularly known for its pornographic pictorials and hardcore content. The spreads in Penthouse are always vibrant, detailed, and colorful, and are sure to satisfy its readership’s expectations. Every issue of the magazine also offers men’s lifestyle articles, subjected on topics including fashion, cars, music, and exclusive interviews. The team at Penthouse is dedicated to providing subscribers with the excitement and pleasure that has come to be predictable in this reliable resource for men.
I struggle with this section every month. Whereas writing tabloid-style coverlines, guiding the content for each issue, and planning the pictorials with the art director is nothing short of awesome. This job really is my boyhood fantasy come true (plus, gynecologists have to take all of those classes). But the Letter from the Editor always stumps me…and I almost dread writing it. Do I share my personal stories, and are they even interesting or relevant? Do I use this as a platform to evangelize a personal agenda? Should I just summarize the shit you are about to see once you start flipping through the pages? Am I just wasting a gift by wringing my hands and overthinking this? And yet, in my long history of reading magazines, I don’t think I have read a single letter from an editor…ever. This could be a manifestation of a phobia embedded deep inside my lizard brain—like if I say something stupid, it’s out there forever. But I doubt it. We live in a world where stupidity is rewarded, where over-sharers are celebritized, and where Cheeto-dipped blowhards are revered. Sure, I have my neuroses, but I don’t think I’m the only one with issues.

Название: Penthouse №9 (September 2016) USA
Качество: отличное, high quality
Страниц: 136
Формат: True PDF
Размер файла: 18,2 МБ
Язык: english / английский

Скачать Penthouse №9 (September 2016) USA


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