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Скачать Playboy. Playmate Calendar (2017) USA бесплатно

Playboy. Playmate Calendar (2017) USA
Meet Eugena Washington, 2016 Playmate of the Year and 2017 Playmate Calendar cover girl. Fashion photographer Jason Lee Parry captured Eugena in her Playmate of the Year pictorial for the June issue. He found ways to capture a seemingly normal day in her life as she chills around a house and pool. So who else graces the pages of this limited edition calendar? You'll have to pick up your own copy to find out, but of course it won't disappoint.

Название: Playboy. Playmate Calendar (2017) USA
Качество: отличное, HQ
Страниц: 14
Формат: True PDF, JPG (1650 x 2100)
Размер: 21,1 МБ
Язык: english / английский

Скачать Playboy. Playmate Calendar (2017) USA


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