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Скачать XLR8R Magazine - January - February 2009 бесплатно

XLR8R Magazine
January - February 2009 | Issue 124 | English | PDF | 20 MB | RS+ES

XLR8R (pronounced "accelerator") is a magazine that covers music, culture, style, and technology. It was founded as a newsprint ‘zine in 1993 by publisher Andrew Smith in Seattle; the magazine currently has offices in San Francisco and New York.

While XLR8R’s initial focus was on electronic music, it has over the years widened its scope to include indie rock, hip-hop, and reggae/ dancehall music as well as related trends in style, art, fashion, and technology.

January/February 2009
ISSUE 124 : Flipping the Bird

We talk Dada cinema and cheesy saxophones with French electro-house master Mr. Oizo, trade icy stares with Finland's Luomo, and survey the future bass boys Lazer Sword, Megasoid, Rustie, and Nosaj Thing. We head into the studio with Seor Coconut and Anthony Rother, check out Moscow's electro-rock scene, visit with London breakbeat-hardcore revivalist Zomby, tell the future with Telepathe, and review the new Animal Collective album.



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