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Скачать XLR8R Magazine - December 2008 бесплатно

XLR8R Magazine
December 2008 | Issue 123 | English | PDF | 22 MB | RS+ES

XLR8R (pronounced "accelerator") is a magazine that covers music, culture, style, and technology. It was founded as a newsprint ‘zine in 1993 by publisher Andrew Smith in Seattle; the magazine currently has offices in San Francisco and New York.

While XLR8R’s initial focus was on electronic music, it has over the years widened its scope to include indie rock, hip-hop, and reggae/ dancehall music as well as related trends in style, art, fashion, and technology.

December Issue : Best of 2008
Luca "Drop the Lime" Venezia tops our list for best artist of 2008, but there's much more where he came from. We dig up the latest music coming out of Gothenburg, Sweden, chat with shoegaze bands of yesterday and today, go into the studio with Hot Chip and Matthew Herbert, and get the year-ending praise and jabs from Kid Sister, Telepathe, The Death Set, Vivian Girls, Cut Copy, Beach House, Matthew Dear, Santogold, and many more for our Best of 2008 feature.



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