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Скачать Police: The Best of Police - Guitar Tablature Book бесплатно


Police: The Best of Police - Guitar Tablature Book
Hal Leonard Publising | ISBN Code: 0793525616 | 1986 Year | PDF | 34.5 Mb | 114 Pages

This book show you how to play the next songs on your guitar:

The Best of Police
*Don't Stand So Close To Me
*Every Breath You Take
*Invisible Sun
*Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
*Message In A Bottle
*Canary In A Coalmine
*Can't Stand Losing You
*When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best Of What's Still Around
*Spirits In The Material World
*Secret Journey
*Sinchronicity II
*Walking On The Moon
*De Do Do Do
*King Of Pain
*Wrapped Around Your Finger
*Man In A Suitcase
*Born In The Fifties

Official guitar tab book



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