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Скачать Les Inrockuptibles - 19-25 May 2009 (N°703) бесплатно

Les Inrockuptibles - 19-25 May 2009 (N°703)
French | 116 pages | PDF | 30.04 MB

Les Inrockuptibles is a French cultural magazine. Started as a monthly magazine in 1986, it became weekly in 1995. The name is a play on "Les Incorruptibles", the French title of the American television series The Untouchables. Les Inrockuptibles is routinely nicknamed "Les Inrocks".
The magazine tends to take a left-wing and intellectual approach to art and society, lending itself to accusations of elitism and snobbishness.
Despite all that, the magazine was instrumental in popularising indie rock music with bands such as the Smiths and The House of Love. It was unofficially coupled with the radio show by Bernard Lenoir having a nearly identical name l'inrockuptible.

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