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Скачать Guitar Edge 2009-11 бесплатно

Guitar Edge 2009-11
English | PDF | 45 MB | 150 pages

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When Stevie Ray Vaughan roared onto the scene in the early Eighties, the guitarist with Texas-sized tone and chops to match not only single-handedly rescued the blues but also inspired would-be guitarists young and old across the globe to take up musical arms. Indeed, Vaughan’s influence had unprecedented reach, as kids as young as four years old began trading swim lessons for Strats, and Legos for Les Pauls. One of those youngsters—and arguably the best of them—was a kid from Utica, New York, named Joe Bonamassa.

* Stretchin' The Blues: This One's for Les!
* Guitar Gumbo: Picked On (part 2) - Pick, Pull Off, Sweep, Repeat
* Zen Guitar: Shred Stew - Stretching-Sweeping-Sliding-Tapping Arpeggio Lick
* Tip Jar: Modal Mayhem - The Science of Killer Metal Riffs

* Yes - "Owner of a Lonely Heart"
* Les Paul - "Stardust"
* The Beatles - "Back in the U.S.S.R."
* ZZ Top - "Just Got Paid"
* Alice in Chains - "Them Bones"
* Shadows Fall - "Still I Rise"
* Opeth - "Windowpane"
* The Beatles - "I Feel Fine"
* Les Paul With Mary Ford - "How High the Moon"
* Motion City Soundtrack - "Fell in Love Without You"
* Joe Bonamassa - "You Upset Me Baby"
* Five Finger Death Punch - "Hard to See"

* Style File: Five Finger Death Punch - Divide and Conquer
* Backstage Pass: Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac
* Young Guns of the Blues
* Matt Schofield - Blues' Next Big Thing
* Workin' Band: Internal Affairs - 21st Century Wedding Band
* Sights & Sounds: November 2009 CD, DVD, & Book Reviews
* The Beatles and the Rock Band Generation
* 5 Questions With... Ace Frehley
* Style File: Rodrigo y Gabriela - Shreddin' Nylons
* Style File: August Burns Red - Metalcore for the Masses
* Joe Bonamassa - Trans-Atlantic Blues Power

* Tregan Syren Standard Review
* T-Rex DGTM Overdrive Review
* Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser Solo-6 Review
* Marshall MG Series MG50FX Review
* Marshall Haze Series MHZ40C Review
* Dial Tone: Trevor Rabin - How to Achieve the Harmonizer Effect and Tone on “Owner of a Lonely Heart”
* Sound Check: Got Leslie? Rotary Pedals that Won’t Break Your Back!
* New Products: November 2009

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