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Скачать Electronic Musician Magazine January 2010 бесплатно

Electronic Musician Magazine January 2010
PDF | 77 pages | English | 16 MB

Electronic Musician is the #1 magazine in the U.S. for musicians who record and produce music in a home or personal studio environment.
EM editorial focuses on music-production technology and techniques for musicians. It includes coverage of recording and live-performance equipment, electronic musical instruments, and music production hardware and software. EM provides comprehensive product news and reviews on the latest equipment and services, and is supplemented with the weekly EMusician Xtra e-newsletter and on emusician.com. Electronic Musician's 20-year commitment to editorial excellence has provided the leading source of information for musicians who record at home. The superior content of our magazines and Web site brings with it the most qualified subscriber base in the market. EM delivers proven equipment buyers who read EM nearly three times more often than any other competitor. With a total circulation of 61,102, Electronic Musician delivers more qualified customers than any other consumer music technology publication. In the current economic climate, making effective advertising decisions is more crucial than ever before. EM invests heavily in circulation and editorial to deliver the most qualified universe of home-recording enthusiasts, from novice to pro.



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