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Скачать Hindu Business Line - ePaper 06/06/2009 бесплатно

Hindu Business Line
ePaper 06/06/2009 | English | PDF | 20 Pages | 25 MB | RS+ES
Business Daily from THE HINDU group of publications

Business Line, published by Kasturi & Sons Ltd, Chennai, India, is India's second largest and fastest growing business daily, with a net-paid circulation of over 100,000 (104,733; ABC July-December 2005) and a readership of 189,000 (NRS 2006). It is a pioneer in presenting business news in specialized sections and specialist pages. The newspaper is printed at 13 cities in India.

This daily can be accessed by registered members at http://epaper.thehindubusinessline.com/.

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Free HTML version is available at http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/


Subscription details can be found at : http://epaper.thehindubusinessline.com/sub_inf.htm


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