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Скачать Ovi Magazine - December 2008 бесплатно

Ovi Magazine
December 2008 | English | PDF | 10 MB | RS+ES

Ovi magazine is a daily online magazine that contains strong opinions about contemporary, political, social and cultural topics from over 150 voluntary contributors from around the world.

For two years, Ovi produced a popular monthly PDF magazine and this has continued despite the site becoming a daily entity. Ovi is against ignorance, hate and discrimination believing that each of us is free to express ideas and philosophy freely, so long as it doesn't offend moral decency.

December 2008 : How many online magazines ended the year with an article entitled ‘Bocephus, the Hound Dog’s, Environmental Theory’? How many even had the word ‘Bocephus’? Well, there was at least one and you obviously know that you are reading it right now!



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