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Скачать The Wall Street Journal - 10 September 2009 (Europe) *Optimized* бесплатно

The Wall Street Journal - 10 September 2009 (Europe) *Optimized*
English | 32 pages | PDF | 3.06 MB

What Optimized for ?!
Like all this version of this mag, there is a kind of competition between 2 teams to know who'll release it 1st but one thing never change, it's the size of this Daily Newspaper which is always more or less 4MB Optimized.
I have seen since some days that the size have been grown to 7MB. And everybody know why It's so big now... no?! just read this tread


So, i've decided to give you the right True-Pdf Optimised version which come directly from the scene & without all those kind of bussiness in file size. Too bad for me, i've lost many points & money ^^


The Wall Street Journal is an English-language international daily newspaper published by Dow Jones & Company, a division of News Corporation, in New York City, with Asian and European editions. As of 2007, it has a worldwide daily circulation of more than 2 million, with approximately 931,000 paying online subscribers. It was the largest-circulation newspaper in the United States until November 2003, when it was surpassed by USA Today. Its main rival is the London-based Financial Times, which also publishes several international editions.

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