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Скачать Digital Camera Magazine - Master's Pack ( Light - Exposure - Composition - Colour ) бесплатно


Digital Camera Magazine - Master's Pack ( Light - Exposure - Composition - Colour ) : Vital Skills Guides
200 pages | Digital Camera Magazine (2008) | PDF | 4 files total 14 MB

Just as a composer has to arrange a piece of music, deciding which instruments will work together, which sounds flow and which clash, so it is that a photographer has to construct powerful images from the visual overload hitting them from all directions. To picture a scene through a photographer's eyes is very different to just looking at it for what it is.

This book is designed to guide you through the process of refining your vision, learning what makes a strong composition, the visual tricks you can play to get your message across in a single frame, and the pitfalls to avoid. We'll cover patterns, movement, finding a focal point and creating depth.

We've also pulled together some great examples of the work of master photographers as well as some fresh images that highlight composition rules and techniques we think will make a difference to your own photographs.

Secretly, we've probably all got a little bit of a rule-breaker locked away in us' or at least we'd like to think we have. Hopefully, this book will give you an insight into the compositional 'laws' that help get the components of your pictures in order, then give you the confidence to try breaking one or two of them. We hope you have fun doing just that's and we can't wait to see your results ...

This pack contains four books each of them 49 pages and ~ 3 MB, since downloading each of them individually is difficult I zipped them into single file. You will find one zip file without password that contains 4 books.

zip file does not have password.

As usual, please no mirrors the link is attached to premium RS account thats why it wont get erased.


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