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Скачать Totally MAD: Every Issue of MAD Magazine from 1952-1998 on CD-ROM (PC) by Broderbund бесплатно

Totally MAD: Every Issue of MAD Magazine from 1952-1998 on CD-ROM (PC)
Genre: Humour-Magazine-Software | Platform: PC - Works through XP, not yet tested on Vista | Format: Bin and Cue | 51 files 4.25 GB | Complete Scans - 300 dpi | RS

Media: CD-ROM

* Yes, it works in XP. Even if you don't! Also works in NT, ME, 98 and 95.
* A 7-CDROM set with over 22,000 pages of MAD on 500+ issues, including all cover variations! Includes all the Super Specials, for those with special needs.
* Powerful and flexible search engine helps you locate everything quickly and easily. Search by feature, year, artist, writer, subject matter, and more! Print any area you select, and then line your birdcage with it!
* Includes multimedia content with sound, video and animation, fold-ins, a desktop theme, and images of bonus items such as stickers, posters, maps, postcards, and labels - plus a few other things that might have slipped in by mistake.
* It's out of print, so what are you waiting for?


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