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Скачать Beast Design Magazine - All Issues бесплатно

Beast Design Magazine
Beast Design Magazine | 12 Issues | PDFs | 48.5Mb
Typography, Art, Photography, Illustrations and Design

Beast is a free „magazine”. No HTML, no Flash, no content, no sponsors, no banner, no ads. [/b]Main focus is on design, typography, art, illustration, photography, mind & matter and all kinds of creative exhausts.[/b]

Beast is the only true inspiration in the worldwide boring web. Beast is the fusion between print and web. Beast is a magazine, a book, a lifestyle, an insult, a religion. Beast is overrated and undervalued. Beast is good, bad and ugly. Beast is the bible of inspiration. Beast is the end of the web. Beast is for frustrated and bored web/print designers out there who work in small, dark offices and limit their life in totally overrated advertising /media agencies. Beast is against boring design, against everyday design that penetrates our precious life. Of course. Beast is also a good read for uncreative creative directors. :D


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