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Скачать Vanity Fair, June 2008 бесплатно

Vanity Fair, June 2008
PDF | English | 18.9 MB

The Last Good Campaign
In March 1968, Robert F. Kennedy defied his party's leadership -- and the all-too-real threat of assassination -- to run against President Lyndon Johnson. In an excerpt from his upcoming book about the campaign, Thurston Clarke captures the moment, 40 years ago, when Kennedy overcame his crippling grief for his slain brother and roused America's disillusioned youth with his stand against the Vietnam War.

Smoke, Drink, Man, Woman
Sam Jones and Jonathan Kelly spotlight AMC's stylish hit Mad Men, which boils the 1960 advertising world down to its essentials: cigarettes, martinis, sex, and secrets.

Miley Knows Best
At 15, fast-talking Miley Cyrus, star of the Disney Channel's Hannah Montana, already has everything she needs to make it billion-dollar big: a hit show, two multi-platinum albums, a record-setting concert movie, a mass tween following—and a remarkably level head. The tabloids are just waiting for a Lindsay- or Britney-style meltdown.

Lost in Enemy Airspace
As U.S. and Soviet fingers hovered over the nuclear button, at the peak of the Cuban missile crisis, a lone American U-2 pilot flew into the northern lights, misread the night sky, and found himself deep within Russian airspace. In an excerpt from his new book, Michael Dobbs reveals the untold story of Charles W. Maultsby, who on October 27, 1962, brought the world as close as it's ever come to annihilation.

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