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Скачать Taste of Home Magazine - October/November 2008 бесплатно

Taste of Home Magazine - October/November 2008
80 pages | PDF | 13.71 Mb

"I love this magazine and in each issue, I usually find one or two recipes that my friends and family will be asking for again and again! Each issue is made up of recipes contributed by cooks from all over the country, so you know a couple of things right away: 1) the recipes are doable by ordinary folks in ordinary kitchens using utensils and ingredients most people have readily at hand, and 2) this is some good cooking, because these are family recipes that in many cases have been handed down across the generations. Even though most of these recipes are made entirely from scratch (even the cakes!), they are still remarkably easy to do (and I say that as a confirmed fumblefingers in the kitchen! If I can cook these receipes, anyone can!) This is not the kind of fancy pants cooking you're going to encounter in many of the more high-end cooking magazines, this is American (or Canadian) food prepared the way most people cook in their homes. And it makes for some good eating! Each issue is built around a theme or two, usually recipes that use a featured ingredient announced in the previous months' issues, like strawberries or chicken. But there are lots of other recipes that feature the full range of dishes, from breakfast to dinner, to budget cooking and grilling, to late night snacks and children's parties. In every issue there is also usually a section that focuses on healthy foods and lists the nutritional content of the featured dishes. There are also dozens of handy kitchen and cooking tips in each issue, I have learned things I never would have thought of doing and it has made my cooking life so much easier. And the best part? No ads! Taste of Home is like belonging to a recipe club that sends you a beautiful, glossy, picture-packed magazine very month! If you like home cooking, get this magazine, you'll love it!"


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