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Скачать UnderWater Photography Magazine - September/October 2008 бесплатно

UnderWater Photography Magazine - September/October 2008
Publisher: PR Productions | Pages: 56 | PDF | 6.03 MB

Underwater Photography's main aim is to entertain and inform its readers about what is happening in the world of underwater photography.

Each Issue of Underwater Photography Magazine contains:

Underwater Camera Equipment News
Marine Life Photography Tips
Underwater Camera Reviews & Accessory Reviews
Digital Camera Reviews
Underwater Photography Tips and Techniques
Classified ads for dive trips, used equipment, etc.
Underwater Photography Articles
MANY Amazing Underwater Pictures

UwP hopes to capture what is really out there and happening in underwater photography.


News, Travel & Events
North Sea Film Festival
NCUPS 44th photo competition
Hugycup foto and video competition
Eurotek 08
Explore the Caribbean’s barrier reef
Eco Divers Digital Photo Shoot-out 2008
Sea turtle hunt in diver’s paradise

New Products
SeaLife DC800
Ikelite Housing for Olympus Stylus 1030 (mju 1030)
Sealux housing for the Sony PWM-EX1
Sea & Sea YS110 alpha strobe
Fantasea FSD-770
Ikelite Olympus E-510/520 housing
L&M Bluefin SR12
INON S-2000 strobe

Product reviews
Nikon D3 Aquatica by Charles Hood
3 into 2 by Mark Webster
Reefmote control by Tim Rock
Sony SR8/Ikelite by Karin Brussaard
Olympus E420 by Rob Spray

Dogs underwater by Brooke Mayo
Behind the shot by Martin Edge

Brothers in Arms by Mark Webster
Marion Reef by Nigel Marsh

Parting Shots
Simon Brown and Nigel Marsh






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